A rebellious approach
achieving professional

Available September 2024

A rebellious approach to achieving professional success

Available September 2024


Throughout these pages, Valeria Aloe takes us on a transformative journey. She examines how ancestral cultural messages—such as “be humble”, “just work hard”, “be grateful for what you already have”, and “don’t create conflict”— hinder our professional growth, and offers a professional success roadmap tailored to our unique cultural needs, with clear call to actions in every chapter.

Unbeatable Latinas invites us to become courageous leaders committed to transforming our mindsets to then radically transform our workplaces.

Decode the ancestral cultural messages that have historically hindered our professional advancement perpetuating systemic gaps.

Access a detailed roadmap for your professional success tailored to your unique cultural needs and inviting you to take action.

Explore a powerful and futuristic vision centered on a new cultural paradigm that fosters inclusivity, empowerment, and sustainable growth in your professional journey.


by Valeria Aloe

Transforming Our Mindsets And Rising Together

Lays out an unprecedented, detailed map of the Latino mindset and what is holding the community back from achieving its highest potential. It offers a research-based roadmap for the professional advancement of multicultural women, and it equips allies with the knowledge and tools to become more effective mentors and sponsors.

It has garnered 16 international awards, including winning first place in the non-fiction category at the 2022 New York Book Festival.

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